Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bad blogger

That's my sweetie in a big hat. Hi Sweetie!

I have wasted away to a post a week. Next I'll be failing to post pictures, then posting empty "I'll fill you in later" posts. By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged!

Where was I?

Work is great. Did I mention that? It's like being a professional spaghetti untangler, and little do my coworkers know but I actually know how to untangle spaghetti. They are all amazed.

The two fellows who work for me are just starting to get over the suffering that they had from when I wasn't there to correct all the things that I am now correcting. One of the fellows said pretty openly to others that he didn't think that it was necessary to hire me, even though he has been complaining about how messed up things are/were. It may take a while for him to appreciate my efforts.

Sharon and I went to Kate and Nathan's wedding reception on Friday last. (Hi Kate!) It was really fun but man, the staff at The Tonga Room are cranky! They treated us like we were interrupting their relaxing evening by ordering very expensive drinks and appetizers. At one point I asked the bartender to put my $19.50 two-drink order on the tab for the party we were with (as I had been instructed to, and had done once before) and he insisted I pay at the bar. He received a generous $0.00 tip. I never saw our waitress Tina smile even once. Luser. (Hi Tina!)

I taught Kate and Nathan and Jessica (Hi Jessica!) how to swing dance badly, which they all seemed to enjoy. (It was probably the booze talking.) For my trouble I received a compliment on my dancing from a young black woman who sounded as if she knew what she was talking about. (Hi black woman!) She had cool bleached hair that was all pasted down in a zig zag pattern. I told her I liked her hair.

Saturday, we went to the huge garden show at the Cow Palace. It was fun. Eventually you get your fill of garden stuff so we left after about five hours. I took these supercool pictures there.

Pretty orchids.

Note the bikini top and bottom.

Our new kitchen sink.

These metal sculptures were truly ugly but they had boobs so I needed to take a few numerous pictures and post one here to keep my reputation intact.

Hi Lisa!
Does anyone out there like pigs?


Anonymous said...

Well, at least your lack of blogging is because you're out doing really cool things. That kinda makes up for it. That, and your new job! :-D

( * )( * )!!

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone out there like pigs?" Um....yeah. I just counted 297 (visible) pigs at my house, including the gold one around my neck that Lisa (Hi Lisa!) helped me find at Ren Faire. So, did you BUY anything at the Singing Pig Food Company? Oink oink.

Anonymous said...

It just struck me that my "Piggicon" appears to be very closely related to some members of the Boobicon family:
(o)(o) ~(ö)(ö)~

Unknown said...

That's a whole lot of pigs Dawn.

Kate Schmidt said...

Yeah, the one thing I don't like about the Tonga Room is the consistently slightly surly service. It's weird, because the rest of the Fairmont employees are fabulous!