Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Every day I write the book

I have this annoying habit great skill of remembering titles or lyrics from popular songs and then quoting them out of context but in a way that connects with the events of the moment. I don't know or notice anyone else who does this so I will go on the assumption that it makes me weird unique.

So it looks like I post about every week, not every day, but I can assure you gentle readers that I think about you often (all four and two thirds of you) and I say to myself, "I should blog about this." at least every couple of days.

Why do modern typing tests assume you are using a non correcting typewriter? How long has it been since you have seen one let alone used it? Anyone used one at work in the last five years? Just wondering.

So now like twice I have run across bold type messages in contract language that tells you to do something counterintuitive so that you can abide by the rules and get what you think is due to you. And in both cases the bold type message was ignored. And I wonder how much penalty money is made by the promulgating organizations on the premise that people fail to read even obvious yet counterintuitive messages. Then I think that these companies have a short term interest in getting money and pissing off customers instead of creating and selling value and delighting customers. It is a stupid business practice, and I will be looking for those companies and telling them that I won't be their customer since I don't like the way they run their business. I hope the effort is wildly successful.

I have considered buying a new car, one that gets better mileage. Then I calculate how long it would take to offset the cost of driving the old car instead. If I doubled my gas mileage I would save $480/year. If I tripled it (to 45 mpg) I would save $640. So even at 45 mpg it would take about 20 years to buy even an inexpensive used car. I should just bike to work about half the time. It would be like driving a Suburban that gets 30 mpg.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Paying for the car by saving gas doesn't work well.

On the other hand, I bought my Prius when my previous car was failing, so I bought a car with good gas milage at the time that I would have gotten another car anyway.

It would have been even better to get a used car with good mileage, but I didn't. :\

Plus, my son (who is bout 6'1" now) can sit in the back seat. :D

grace said...

I just bought a new to me used car that is more fuel efficient which makes me happy, but the car payment part makes me throw up a little every time I think about it.