Monday, June 15, 2009

Return of the king

Dude, I'm back. What the hell has been happening?

First, we went to teh renfair at Tahoe AKA Valhalla. Check out the Good Old Times...

Her's Kurt relaxing as Wagstaff (get it?) next to a courtesan. Rydell, as Lord Leicester commanded me to feed him since he (Wagstaff) is a worthy pig farker. Rydell is shown here trowing grapes into his mouth as Shawna holds it open.

We took Frannie along for the second weekend. She had a great time.

We saw Kate and Shery there. The goofballs.

And Amy played Juliet to make Her Majesty cry (in her new gown that she sewed up at our house).

We were feeling a little sheepish once the sun came out on Sunday. We were then presented to the Irish as a present from her Majesty. Baaaa.

Here's Nathan as Thisbe. He (she) was absolutely hilarious. Pyramus (Silas) lies dead on the right.

When it rains and it's bitter cold, I grin. Apparently.

Maggie and Lauren stopped by court. We tried not to fawn over them too much.

This is Sharon's all new gown. It's fabulous.

This box is what I have been working (very diligently) on at work. It is a very big box that we will sell for a buttload of money.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I love all the finery! And the box was nice, too.


E. Waterman said...

Oh the cold. I look like im trying to fold in on myself.

You make a great sheep darling, I would put you on a lead and take you everywhere if I could.