Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baaaaaad blogger

Yeah, like the blog thing. Uh, I got all busy and, yeah, I didn't, like, blog. I beg your forgiveness. Here's the updit.

Do you remember Savemouse, that fabulous blog that went dark? Well, you can read it all again on the Wayback Machine here. As Mouse says: Hulee feckeeng crapp!

So we went to the SLO Renaissance Faire. It was a blast furnace and we had a great time partying with our friends in Morro Bay.

Then there is the inevitable project - The Cannery. This is the area round the side of the garage whare the recycle bins and the garbage can and the hose are kept. This involved the aforementioned post holes, and some fencing, and a gate, and a hose bib to be plumbed, and some pavers, surrounded by a concrete curb, and a motion activated light because it is pitch black out there when the sun goes down. I should be finishing the light right now instead of blogging.

As if that wasn't enough, there was the inevitable re-painting of one of the bedrooms, the re-assembly of the desk, the pool maintenance. Oh yeah, there was work too.

So at work, I actually get to hire someone!! If you can do new product introduction, manufacturing engineering, and instrument assembly, get a hold of me. Check the official listing here.


S. Stitchery said...

Im glad SLO was exciting, but very sad that I could not join in the festivities. Actually I found our recently that I could have gone if I had told them the day you invited me along. Christ.

Also please be careful with your self mr Bob, that is a lot of work.

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