Thursday, December 03, 2009

Busy beavers

We put up the most awesome Xmas lights ever.  They are super sized lights that look like the little ones that go on the tree but they are about a foot long overall.  When I say we put them up, I mean I did after Sharon thought of the the idea, searched for them online, bought them, and waited most of the year until it was time.  The only problem with waiting that long is that Dickens fair has started and I am not home when the sun is up or when it is more than 45 degrees outside.  So the deed was done in the dark and cold.  But it looks cool.

I bet you want a picture, right?  Of course you do.

Holy moly it's cold out there, people!  The things I do for you.  Sheesh.


Little Miss Drama Pants said...

Those are some seriously cool (ha!) looking lights.

MacDude said...

Yay! They look very nice!

Jesslyn said...

And what would we do without you, eh?