Sunday, May 22, 2005

Quiet on the set!

SO we got up and out early (7:45) this morning so we could get a few things done on the set for the Shakspeare shows in Menlo Park. Get all the details here. It was only going to take a little while but of course it went until three thirty or so. Didn't get any tea this morning or a real lunch... = headache. Also was working in the sun and wind, not exactly my forte. But the set looks pretty good if we do say so ourselves.

Unlike my bosom buddy Kate, I haven't recently changed anything about this blog, or my family site. I suppose this make me less of a man, or something. I did update the link to Kates blog though, lest her Google Page Rank drop precipitously.

P.S. Does anyone know how I can get me some undead minions. That sounds like it would be hella handy.

PPS. We you aware there is a strip club in Redwood City near the Target store? It's called Hanky Panky. Isn't that sweet?


Anonymous said...

Did you just say "hella"?

Unknown said...

I said hella. I was not referring to the company that makes driving lights.

I also say really stupid "in the hood" sorts of things to drive my teenagers really bonkers. Witness: I want to shout out some mad props to my peeps in the hood, score a 40, get my straight snack on, pimp my ride, and yo! Sup dog!

Anonymous said...

You are so street.

Unknown said...

Word up.