Friday, August 05, 2005

That was nice

The performance went very well last night, especially a Good Thing since my whole family plus nine other friends were there to witness the event! Everyone said they enjoyed the play and then my very smart wife suggested that we all retire to our house for drinkies, hot tubbing, and swimming. (Did I mention she was smart?)

What a great idea! (Except for having to clean up after the little doggie on arrival; ugh!) The turnout was light but our guests made up for it by being very nice. The pool was pleasantly warm, and the moon was not up, so we could see the milky way. There were some good laughs, even when Jessie told one of my oldest shaggy dog stories. (Nice work kid. Just like Daddy would have done.) The sandman arrived at a wee hour, and the morning came too soon as usual.

Tahoe awaits!

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katya said...

Sharon is very, very smart indeed!