Tuesday, November 08, 2005

and it cuts like buttaah

So I stopped staring at a flat panel display long enough to actually do something with my costume. It was more funner than I thought it would be, except I am only at the easy "cut out the pieces" stage which is easier than all the much harder "put the pieces together and not make it look like crap" stages. When you read the instructions, even the ones in English, it still sounds like you really ought to leave these things to someone who knows what they are doing. The cutting out part is easy in the instructions, the other parts have far more words, some of which are in bold which leads me to believe they are important. No matter, I plan to forge ahead.

The material is a really nice weight and drape.
It is a wool silk blend and should be extremely comfortable.

Wish me luck all you fiber types.


Kate Christ said...

That's sewing. I got nothin' for you. Now if you were knitting, I could offer lots of constructive encouragement.

grace said...

I offer you lucky (.)(.).

naomi said...

Did you line up your grain lines with the selvage? Make sure you stay consistant on your seam allowances, and also. If you need a good cussing, just let Grace know. She knows where to find me. (. )( .)

Bob Collier said...

Thanks Naomi. Finally some useful advice! Yes I lined up the grain lines (with the woven pattern it was really easy), and I haven't got to the even seam allowances yet, but I did make sure to cut accurately on the pattern lines so that whan I follow the edge on the machine I'll get an accurate seam placement.
I'll let you know if I need any cussin, but I'll probably just supply my own &*%$# as needed.
Oh, and thanks for noticing the subtle formatting required to make the tagline. Your sis has it wrong. (. )( .)

grace said...

are you discriminating against small (.)(.)? How about these apples, then: ( x )( x )

Bob Collier said...

OK, lets just leave it right here... All of the following will be acceptable:
(. )( .)
( X )( X )

grace said...

Bob. He LOVES the boobies.

Anonymous said...

Except the blue footed kind. How would you make that with icons?
(. )( .) He is looking over my
>>- -<< shoulder and making rude
comments about my footed