Saturday, December 24, 2005

Real Estate

That's what Lucy always wanted for Christmas. I hope she gets it this year, and that everyone else gets what they want too.

We didn't get any real estate for anyone this year, but we did do mondo shopping here on The Last Day Before The Big Day. We were on three separate expeditions, saw Santa, had fast food, drove all the way to Campbell for a few items, called each other's cell phones. You name it, we did it in the name of shopping today.

We partied like school marms (you know how those hot school marms are when they take off their glasses and let their hair down, whoa!) until the wee hours last night. We lost count of how many people were here. It was more than 50. The party officially started at 5PM and the last guest left (OK fell asleep on the couch) at about 3AM. We sang lots of carols for the neighbors (about 15 houses or so) and we sounded pretty damn good. We ate like kings, or at least dessert barons, chatted endlessly, danced a little bit, had various adult beverages, and even hot tubbed. At one point all the ladies were talking about boobs, Erik and I just shut the hell up and let them.

We'll have to have some more parties soon because we have so figging many desserts left over. Nobody seems to take things home anymore, and they all bring food for twice as many of them as come in the door. This means you have two times the food you need. I'm not complaining though, because I really like pecan pie.

Now we are wrapping up the goodies and watching the obligatory Grinch Who Stole Crhistmas movie (Max the dog/reindeer, heart grew two sizes, Little Cindy Lou Who, etc.)


Amy Adams said...

And a damn fine couch it is!

amy said...

and damn fine hot tub, and dancing, and adult beverages.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

grace said...

boobs. :)