Friday, December 30, 2005


Our kitty is still missing. We've canvassed the neighborhood, posted and distributed more than 100 flyers, and talked to about 75 of our neighbors. We've looked under houses, behind fences, and called kitty kitty more times than I can imagine. No sign of her for two weeks. We're sad.

Work looms on Tuesday. I have two hour-long presentations this week for the Customer Service group. I have prepared for the second, but not the first. Silly me.

Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle, It's almost 2006! We plan to party (like school marms) to celebrate. Note to self: Drain pool enough that the water level is below the spillway into the hot tub. Hopefully we'll drink enough booze so that all the bottles will fit on one shelf again.

We watched Deathstalker 2 last night. This has got to be the funniest bad movie ever with ridiculous lines like, "Is Deathstalker your first or last name?" If you want to laugh, this is the movie to watch. Tonight we have Naughty Stewardesses 1975 (bow chicka bow wow) which promises to be a hoot. (get it, a "hoot", I crack myself up) so come on over if you are feeling like you have had enough sappy Christmas stuff.


Anonymous said...

OK, the movie isn't even over yet and it is SO bad I have started to play on the computer. Run, don't walk from this stinker! Sharon

Bob Collier said...

Oh yeah it stunk, and not like we expected it to. The movie promised one thing and delivered another. We were exptecting "a romp" and we got "a very boring movie that had an icky political plot that was poorly done". There were a few boobs, but the only love scenes were with the old guy, no really, he was like 70 or so. Yuck.