Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Oops, forgot to blog

The weekend was fun. We went to the Vic Pic (Victorian picnic) with our Otherbookistani buddies. There was eating and drinking and lots of laughing and croquet and eating and drinking. We also took pictures. Looky here.

Then I worked more on the fence. Holy crap this is hard work. You'd think I was building an ark or something. On Sunday I built the frame part on the posts that I had put in before, but only on one side. That side is 28 feet long. In the last couple of days I actually managed to install about 14 feet of the grape stakes that are the fence boards. Each one is about two inches wide so that is 84 boards, some of which have to be cut shorter to fit around the trees.

At this pace I'm sure I'll be done by Christmas. I promise I'll have some pictures soon.

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grace said...

You are very ambitious and maybe a little crazy building a fence by yourself. Is anyone helping you?