Friday, August 03, 2007

It got wierd, didn't it?

It's been something of a busy/crunchy two weeks or so...

0. We had a GREAT time at SLO Faire. The good time we had was TOTALLY UNRELATED to this picture of some of the gals from the adjacent group as they were taking down their pavilion.

Matching brassieres, hats, and jeans. Nice touch. (Yeah, they are different colors and sizes but try to work with me here people.)

1. Jessamy was out of town and injured her knee. Not life threatening but a bummer nonetheless.
2. My camera became lost. Oops. Time for a new camera. I've chosen the Canon SD-750.
3. A severe headache that lasts for eight days is really a drag, even if it is your spouse that has it. (Doctors have been seen, also not life threatening, still a big bummer.)
4. I finally got off my gorgeous butt and demolished the ugly ass rusty POS original window

that looked out on the beautiful front patio with all the beautiful plants. Now there is a four foot wide door opening and some temporary doors that will remain until we decide to spend the $1800 to get the custom door and window units for the front of the house. I'd post "after" pictures except...
5. The pool is green. Ugh.

Tomorrow I'm going to the dump. These are my salad days indeed.

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