Saturday, February 07, 2009

Good times

When I look at the tee-vee news and read about the world on teh interwebs it all seems so incredibly BAD. I like to try and look on the bright side because I'm a Pollyanna an optimist.

We did manage to elect a president who can form a sentence and pronounce words and stuff. And he is talking about running things differently than the previous fellow who, by all accounts, fucked up. That's good. Seriously, I think the feature that the liberals really have over the conservatives is the embrace of moral relativism. Everything isn't actually black and white and you really do have to think critically with an open mind and consider other people's perspectives is you are going to govern a diverse nation. Unflinching dogma is so last century.

I have actually read about people coming to the realization that people who were essentially playing giant shell games with money that didn't exist, SHOULD NOT be rewarded with 8 figure salaries for essentially CREATING NOTHING. I think that's progress.

House prices are coming down. This might allow mere mortals to buy them without pawning a testicle. It will also put a stop to the proliferation of "Flip This House" shows on the tee-vee featuring bickering idiots. Sweet!

I heard tell of a plan by some Republicans to take some of the money that people have been socking into government bonds (because the stocks suck) and making home loans at 4% with it. The details are complicated, but just imagine what all of us could do with the savings from refinancing tens of millions of home loans. It would make a palpable stab at the foreclosure problem too. That's good.

Despite all the terrible news about tens of thousands of lost jobs, not everyone is getting laid off and not everything is horrible. Are you in a position to hire someone in the next few months? Guess what, you'll have your pick of really good candidates and that will help your company be better faster. That's the position that I'm in and I'm actually looking forward to the hiring process in a couple of months.

Do you think that part of the stimulus package that will soon be passed will be used to fund green power initiatives? I do. I think there is a HUGE industry waiting to be built to harness the energy sources in nature around us that will eventually cut funding to the politically flawed oil producing nations. When they cannot export oil and use the petrodollars to prop up their regimes that oppress their citizens, change will happen. Maybe it won't all happen in my lifetime but I see that we in America are in a unique position to create the technology and sell it to the rest of the world. That, my friends, will create millions of jobs for many decades and provide the key to change the face of the world.

Peanut products anyone? I think the recent debacle with the salmonella tainted peanut butter might spur food safety efforts to be better. That's good. I heard about a plan to simplify the patchwork of oversight. That sounds good.

I got really good news at work. I can't share it here yet but I will soon.


grace said...

The problem with the news is that fear sells. No one cares if things are going well, because then what would they have to bitch about? *shakes head*

I'm with you on all this.

Walter said...

I think I could subscribe to more of your optimism if only I wasn't joining the ranks of the unemployed week after next. I so want to feel encouraged by the upcoming changes, but they seem so far off...

Jeffrey J. Hoover said...


(Sorry to hear about Walter though)

Pamela said...

Although it is nice to read about a brighter view than usual, I agree with Walter, I think recovery is a long way off.