Saturday, May 02, 2009

Briefly shrinking from greatness to blog

Having committed to three simultaneous complex projects with Actual Deadlines has me stressed. I know that I will ultimately be successful, but it's a sense of 'this is too hard' coupled with having two other projects that are also 'this is too hard'. Ugh.

Project 1 is the launch of a new product at work. In my role as manufacturing guru I find that I am increasingly relied on by the product development people to get all of the loose ends tied up; the ones that they have inadvertently created. And lots of the development work is untested, specifically the parts that will form the enclosure that the customer sees first, and an automatic door mechanism - one that I have yet to see function. Bear in mind that the first commercial shipments of this product are in about eight weeks.

Project 1a is the manufacturing cell for the product. The instrument is about 150 pounds give or take a few. So you can't really just pick it up with anything resembling the control needed to lift a quarter million dollar product. It has to be hoisted. So I designed, specified parts for, did all the metal work for, and am building a pair of workstations with an integrated gantry crane. I started assembly yesterday. Let's just say that it is challenging, even for me. Here's a picture.

Project 2 is the four benches and two tables needed for The Guild Of St George Renaissance faire troupe. I need to bring them with us when we go to Lake Tahoe on the 29th of this month. So I have four, uh three, uh two and a half weekends and some scattered evenings to get all this stuff built, and finished with stain and varnish. So far I have 2/3 of one of the 12 adjustable legs built. The glue is drying as I type. The complication is that I committed that the tables would have adjustable, folding legs. Mind you that this furniture that I am building needs to look ornate as well, to suit the presence of Her Majesty. Let's just say that it is challenging, even for me.

Project 3 is the completion of the carpentry preparations for the painting of the house. The aforementioned windows were a major part of that. There is also the completion of the installation of the trim around windows I installed in 1996, a replacement of a decrepit back door to the garage, and about 50 feet of a trim bit that makes the finishing joint between the top of the siding and the eave. When all that is done, we can paint. Let's just say that it is challenging, even for me.

And the sprinkler solenoid in the front yard failed two weeks after replacement. And the right-hand keyboard lifting clip broke. Time for a cup of tea in the mug with the girl with the beach ball size boobs. (see the broken clip?)

Once all that is done, we can remodel the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Bob, you have helped me so much, I am willing to help you if you need it. I follow directions well!


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