Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Magical Progress Faeire Visits Bob

So I made some progress on those projects. Here is the evidence, Your Honor.
Behold, the nut case. This is how I eventually solved the difficult task of embedding a nut in the middle of a block of wood, and still being able to use the nut. I'm so clever.
Here is what it looks like before you put it together

I also glued up, cut, and chamfered the feet. I made 13 just in case something bad happens to one of them.

And then there are all the legs that the nut cases are part of. The nut case goes on the bottom of the leg. It accepts a piece of threaded rod that is glued into the foot. See?
Gluing takes LOTS of clamps. They are like stitch markers, only a lot bigger.

And that little project at work got wrapped up on Monday, an 11 hour Monday as I recall.


Jeffrey J Hoover said...

Very nice. No washers around the Nut?

Go bob go!

Bob Collier said...

Washers are for Mac users.

Chip said...

Huh? Wha.......??

I don't even follw what you said, much less know what you did. I guess you'll have to show me in person...Those clamps sure are handy, aren't they!