Monday, November 13, 2006

at great personal risk

Sorry, I just had to pollute the blogosphere with this trashy news commentary:

K-Fed threatens to sell honeymoon tapes

OK, so FedEx is essentially threatening blackmail against his former wife to force her into giving him lotsa money and custody of their kids. I'm sorry to appear to have sympathy for she who shall not be named, I just think that her white trash ex has gone over the top here.

1. Here is FedEx explaining the custody to the kids after they get old enough to read the news. "Daddy threatened to show naked pictures of mommy eating daddy's hoo hoo so she would give you to me, because that proves I love you more than she does."
2. Does anybody REALLY need to see these two boffing? Does it help you get off to know that the money you paid to see them having animal sex is helping him to continue being an utter sleaze?
3. I'll send both of them a dollar if they promise to destroy the tape. If we can get 20 million more people to do this I think we're on to something. I never want to see FedEx naked, and as for her? Meh, so what. Personally I think her eyes are too far apart and the rest of her is just unremarkable.


Jen said...

I think KFed is making himself look like an ass... and I am getting a lot of amusment out of it all. However wrong that may be. Oh well, such is life.

Amy said...

You got my two dollars!

grace said...

Geez. White trash is taking over the news.

Anonymous said...

As our Mattress friend would say.... "Eeewwwww"! Where do I send my $2?

dawn said...

didn't really mean to be "anonymous" before. It was early, and it's been that kind of week.... =)