Sunday, November 26, 2006


What a great opening weekend of fair!
  • Lots of patrons on Saturday and Sunday, and many fewer on Friday which allowed us to practice in front of a smaller but still "live"audience. I had a great time showing new patrons around fair.
  • The Postcards shows are really fun even though each one is a blur of dimly lit activity interspersed with a few seconds of silence, stillness, and light. And yeah, all the naked ladies are alright too. (Read: postcards = booby heaven) Mostly I help people down off the riser that is onstage so they don't fall down, but it's still great fun. FYI, about half of the cast appears nude, the other half are dressed to some degree. I'm in the dressed half.
  • The backstage party starts at like 9 in the morning and goes till about 8 PM. I have figured out that Dickens Fair is really just a very large party where you go out onstage for much of the day to act so you can justify all the fun you are having. Best part is that the party happens over and over again.
  • The Oliver Twist scenes are fun as well, if a little too familiar at this point. The last Brownlow scene is being played by Matthew, the fellow who played Bill Sykes last year, because I'm off cavorting onstage with naked people.
  • I saw several of you friends there this weekend. Thanks for supporting my hobby!
Only seven more days of fair to go! Wheee!

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Jessamy said...

you have no idea how glad i am you are in the dressed half