Sunday, November 12, 2006

automotive haiku

objects in mirror
are closer than they appear
it's so obvious

I like that one.

Please do yourself a favor and come to Dickens Christmas Fair. If you don't think that you can afford all the tickets give me a jingle because I have a few free tickets. I have found out that the Naughty French Postcard show will be admission by ticket only to avoid the LONG lines. Tickets will be available at the telegraph office which is next to the entrance to the theater where the show appears. If that's too confusing, ask at the front gate when you get there.

The other show, Oliver Twist, has a new Oliver Twist, Bill Sykes, Nancy, Rose Maylie, and several of Fagin's boys. Plus the "den" is in a new place (but we don't know where yet). Rehearsals are going good. Both Rose and Nancy are better actors than last year. (Nancy was actually Rose last year.)

Our little one is participating this year(!) which means no child care needed. He is really getting into his character, young David Copperfield. The eldest is Miss Amy Dorrit again. My beloved is reprising her role as Mrs Nickelby, though she would love to branch out to another role or two.

Oddly enough I don't have a job yet. My plan is to hit all my contacts again this coming week, especially those that are close to the hiring managers. Wish me luck with all of this.


grace said...

Best of luck with the job hunt.

Bob Collier said...

Good work Grace!

Rod said...

You might enjoy success if you stop hitting your contacts. Try being nice to them for a change - they might reciprocate. ;->

Good luck sorting out a new job, Bob!

Bob Collier said...

Thanks Rod. Now that you mention it your idea makes a lot of sense.

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