Saturday, July 07, 2007

Like a virgin

After about a whole bunch of hours, my computer is all refresh-ified. It has new-car smell. In one heartless effort last night I reduced the hard drive to a bunch of reformatted sectors and re-installed from scratch.

I realized today that the operating system installation was the original install from Dell in 2001, upgraded to WinXP. (It was the beginning of the Bush Reign back then, before he had proclaimed himself omnipotent ruler of all Neoconistan! I ordered it on September 5th. The invoice was dated the 11th.) So now it's like new. I got all my data moved over again and hey, no more cruft!

This time I plan to avoid some annoying programs like Acrobat and use cute pdf instead. Maybe I can avoid the bloated HP printer/scanner software too.


Walter said...

Check out Foxit Reader for viewing PDFs.

You'll never use Acrobat Reader again.

Bob Collier said...

Foxit is already installed. Amazingly, I found a piece of technology without asking anyone.

grace said...

what is cute PDF?

Bob Collier said...

It is a FREE program to create pdf files. You use it like a printer;
File/Print/ than you select CutePDF instead of a printer. No ads, or stinking yahoo toolbars, etc. It's fast and free.