Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm hot

No really, it's like a whole lotta degrees here and I'm sitting here topless sipping a beer. I think I'll do some physical labor and then go for a swim. I love the end of Summer.

(That's not me, it's Jewel the singer. I thought you might like her picture better than mine. It's better this way. Trust me on this one.)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What the fuck is Bela Karolyi saying?

So I'm trying to listen to what Bela Karolyi is saying. It is a complete mystery.

Something something something score. Something something something Shawn Johnson. Something something something judges. Crap, I simply can't follow it.

NBC - How about some mother loving SUBTITLES for fuck's sake.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hey there, it's been a while. Not much. How 'bout you?

It's been such a long time, and I really do miss your smile.
(yeah I know, cheesy 1976 lyrics)

Well since last time we talked not much on the radar, except we had a bad movie night and Netflix didn't send Lobster Man From Mars on time. We watched Cannonball Run instead. It was really too good for a bad movie.

I started work on the front doors. In a fit of practicality I selected two 24" wide, 10 light doors at the Home Despot. I had planned on making two doors from scratch. As son as I saw those doors that were pretty close to what I was going to build anyway, I caved. I probably saved money and cut at least three weeks off the project timeline. I WOULD post a picture but at the moment it just looks like some lumber and two unfinished doors.

After that, we plan to...
Remodel the kitchen (100% DIY)
Paint the exterior of the house (0-50% DIY???)
Re-roof (we may DIY a lot of this, first estimate was north of $18,000.)
Find a way to get an in-law unit built here ($18,000 year income) (big problem here - sewer hookup)
Remodel Sharon's mom's place (totally un-planned project at this point, no scope, funding source, budget, or schedule.)

Plus Renaissance Faires and Dickens Fair and all that other stuff too.

So we are planning on selling that nifty truck that we got for Andy. (wanna buy it?) Though, with the list above... maybe I'll just keep it.

The mermaid is there just for visual interest.