Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Celebrity Bob

I am so cool such a geek.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


What a great opening weekend of fair!
  • Lots of patrons on Saturday and Sunday, and many fewer on Friday which allowed us to practice in front of a smaller but still "live"audience. I had a great time showing new patrons around fair.
  • The Postcards shows are really fun even though each one is a blur of dimly lit activity interspersed with a few seconds of silence, stillness, and light. And yeah, all the naked ladies are alright too. (Read: postcards = booby heaven) Mostly I help people down off the riser that is onstage so they don't fall down, but it's still great fun. FYI, about half of the cast appears nude, the other half are dressed to some degree. I'm in the dressed half.
  • The backstage party starts at like 9 in the morning and goes till about 8 PM. I have figured out that Dickens Fair is really just a very large party where you go out onstage for much of the day to act so you can justify all the fun you are having. Best part is that the party happens over and over again.
  • The Oliver Twist scenes are fun as well, if a little too familiar at this point. The last Brownlow scene is being played by Matthew, the fellow who played Bill Sykes last year, because I'm off cavorting onstage with naked people.
  • I saw several of you friends there this weekend. Thanks for supporting my hobby!
Only seven more days of fair to go! Wheee!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


merrynewhallowthanksmus n. The holiday which officially begins on October 31 and ends on January 1 of the following year. In the United States of America this holiday takes on epic proportions of indulgence of all kinds. Sufferers can be seen milling about malls and craft fairs, eating and drinking to excess, and blogging about minutiae of the craft project and/or holiday themed theatrical production that they are devoting ALL their time to, for no pay.

Don't forget to come to the Dickens Fair.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sweet Huts or Nuts?

Yes I know, just a couple of weeks ago it was all about sweet huts. Now it is about the sweet nuts (at Dickens Christmas Fair). I saw this sign today and it just said, "Take my picture!"

So DCF dress rehearsal weekend starts in a few hours. Today I spent a few blissful hours at the palace de moo putting stuff together. What fun. Tomorrow should be better yet with about 500 people on site and chaos all around. Whee!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

at great personal risk

Sorry, I just had to pollute the blogosphere with this trashy news commentary:

K-Fed threatens to sell honeymoon tapes

OK, so FedEx is essentially threatening blackmail against his former wife to force her into giving him lotsa money and custody of their kids. I'm sorry to appear to have sympathy for she who shall not be named, I just think that her white trash ex has gone over the top here.

1. Here is FedEx explaining the custody to the kids after they get old enough to read the news. "Daddy threatened to show naked pictures of mommy eating daddy's hoo hoo so she would give you to me, because that proves I love you more than she does."
2. Does anybody REALLY need to see these two boffing? Does it help you get off to know that the money you paid to see them having animal sex is helping him to continue being an utter sleaze?
3. I'll send both of them a dollar if they promise to destroy the tape. If we can get 20 million more people to do this I think we're on to something. I never want to see FedEx naked, and as for her? Meh, so what. Personally I think her eyes are too far apart and the rest of her is just unremarkable.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

automotive haiku

objects in mirror
are closer than they appear
it's so obvious

I like that one.

Please do yourself a favor and come to Dickens Christmas Fair. If you don't think that you can afford all the tickets give me a jingle because I have a few free tickets. I have found out that the Naughty French Postcard show will be admission by ticket only to avoid the LONG lines. Tickets will be available at the telegraph office which is next to the entrance to the theater where the show appears. If that's too confusing, ask at the front gate when you get there.

The other show, Oliver Twist, has a new Oliver Twist, Bill Sykes, Nancy, Rose Maylie, and several of Fagin's boys. Plus the "den" is in a new place (but we don't know where yet). Rehearsals are going good. Both Rose and Nancy are better actors than last year. (Nancy was actually Rose last year.)

Our little one is participating this year(!) which means no child care needed. He is really getting into his character, young David Copperfield. The eldest is Miss Amy Dorrit again. My beloved is reprising her role as Mrs Nickelby, though she would love to branch out to another role or two.

Oddly enough I don't have a job yet. My plan is to hit all my contacts again this coming week, especially those that are close to the hiring managers. Wish me luck with all of this.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

the sun'll come up tomorrow

Well, I can now say that I am getting interviews since I've had three phone interviews so far with three different companies. No job yet, but this is progress as far as I can tell. There is still more that I can do to get more responses so I better make this brief and get back to that. Shiny Object Syndrome, beware.

Wow. Did you notice that the Democrats won back both houses of Congress, AND Don Rumsfeld took his boss's advice and "resigned". Maybe the shrub will rethink the "Stay the course" delusion and do something a little more practical. Ya think?

Bye for now.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

change your ways or you are doomed

First, thank you to all of my friends and family that supported my art by coming out in the dark to see me onstage for about three minutes in Gilligan's Island. I made some new friends with whom I would like to stay in touch, and I enjoyed working with Carly and Dawn and Jeff from Mattress. The show was lots of fun and now, like all shows, it's over. After a long day of striking the Gilligan set after a rather late cast party, it is time to move on to the next shiny object; Dickens Christmas Fair.

Workshops for DCF started up on Saturday (one day overlap with GITM) and wow it was so great to see so many faces of friends I knew. The all cast meeting had about 500 people in it. I think I hugged most of them. There were many new faces too and I hope that at least a few turn into new friends to hug next year.

Tonight we attended a rosary for our friend Shirley. It was very emotional and there were quite a few people. Following that most of the people who attended the service walked the block and a half from the church to Shirley's house where her four children and their children had set up to entertain us all. On the way, we all carried candles and the sheriff sent a patrol car to hold traffic as we crossed Woodside Road. The irony of this was palpable.

I had a pretty good phone interview on Friday, but I'm still working on finding the new perfect job.