Sunday, November 05, 2006

change your ways or you are doomed

First, thank you to all of my friends and family that supported my art by coming out in the dark to see me onstage for about three minutes in Gilligan's Island. I made some new friends with whom I would like to stay in touch, and I enjoyed working with Carly and Dawn and Jeff from Mattress. The show was lots of fun and now, like all shows, it's over. After a long day of striking the Gilligan set after a rather late cast party, it is time to move on to the next shiny object; Dickens Christmas Fair.

Workshops for DCF started up on Saturday (one day overlap with GITM) and wow it was so great to see so many faces of friends I knew. The all cast meeting had about 500 people in it. I think I hugged most of them. There were many new faces too and I hope that at least a few turn into new friends to hug next year.

Tonight we attended a rosary for our friend Shirley. It was very emotional and there were quite a few people. Following that most of the people who attended the service walked the block and a half from the church to Shirley's house where her four children and their children had set up to entertain us all. On the way, we all carried candles and the sheriff sent a patrol car to hold traffic as we crossed Woodside Road. The irony of this was palpable.

I had a pretty good phone interview on Friday, but I'm still working on finding the new perfect job.


Anonymous said...

Picturing you all walking with candles gave me goose bumps...My condolences again.

Awesome as always to see you! I can't wait to get our show up and running. =)

Anonymous said...

Your show was awesome! I am so glad I went and so sorry I didn't go earlier so I could then drum up more people to see your show. Everyone in the cast was great especially Ginger and the big green alien.

Unknown said...

Thank you Jessica. It was quite a weekend to say the least. Seeing you and all the other Fair friends was a highlight. Thanks for the pics.

Unknown said...

Pamela, I'm so glad you made it there to see the fun. I'll pass on your kudos to Carly.