Thursday, September 05, 2013

I was busy

Have you had periods where you got so busy that you stopped doing things you loved and you fell into a routine of just getting by on enough rest and enough leisure to stay sane.  So did I, for about the last three months or maybe a bit more.

The busy was from work where we (the company I work for) were in the final stages of a large (16,000 square feet) and expensive (past $1,000,000) first floor renovation and facility move.  Naturally, since I am the only one capable of this at work, I got to run the whole damn project for about 18 months and I had the responsibility of designing the space as well - down to the carpet colors and the locations of all the furniture.

It was a HUGE undertaking and as it was, along with my regular duties, an enormous load.

But now we're moved in.  The punchlist is complete.  The final billing reconciliation has been approved.  There is still organizing work to be done, but it's really truly done.  And it's quite impressive.  Come by for lunch and you can have a peek.

I hope to write more.

Except there is a similar project to re-fit the upstairs of the building.  And I'm in charge of that too.