Monday, April 15, 2013


Today's news reminds me that the world contains plenty of people that really fail to understand why we are here.  We aren't here to kill each other for some crazed reason.  We are here to help each other get though our lives, with as much happiness and success as each of us are able to muster.  Nothing more, nothing less.

To help you get an idea of the sorts of things you should be doing for the people of the planet have a look.  Maybe you should work on creating a way that people with failing kidneys can lead a more comfortable life, or maybe just live.

Or you could help recreate some of the technical marvels of the recent past that helped us imagine our proper place in the universe.

Or you could simply love something you do that brings people joy and pour your heart and soul into it, letting them see an up close view of a world that we long left behind.

Maybe you could create a musical work that speaks of a love that transcends space.

Killing each other, blowing people up, maiming people... That's not why we're here.