Friday, January 27, 2012

Poster Child

Once again, well you know...

Why do I write this blog anyway?  Well, over time it's changed reasons.  At first I wrote it to emulate a friend of mine.  See the very first post or two (~550 posts ago).  Then I really kinda liked the writing.  I thought I was clever.  Then I sprinkled in some sappy poetry.  Very sappy.  Hey, we all have our lousy writer moments, eh?  Then I switched to a more event-driven model, with more remembrances sprinkled in there.  That was better, so I thought.

I had lots more page views in the earlier days.  Probably a big drop off due to my lack of posts.  With your help, I can turn that around!!

I'm setting out to write more regularly and spend less time on that social networking site that sounds like placebrook.  I think a session on Friday evening will maximize things.  No work the next day, plenty of readers bored with placebrook, a good time to reflect on the week.

Now, how about some juicy postage!?

Remember that Suburban I drive.  It now has a new Pittman arm, power steering pump, pan gasket, and shift solenoids, as well as transmission fluid, and a filter.  Its tires have been rotated, and its front end aligned.  The engine is now clean, thanks to a lot of steam.  I'm sure I missed something in there.  All told, it cost a little bit more than the blue book value of the beast.  It no longer leaks oil all over itself like a toddler, and it handles a lot like it did when it was new.

Needless to say, I intend to keep it until the doors fall right off.  It meets my needs for getting there and back, and it holds all my things.  Would you believe it's long since paid off?  There also seems to be about 225,000 miles on it.  If you told me that I was going to drive a quarter-million miles in 1996, I'd have called you a republican.

It really needs a bath, though.