Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Months with wings

At times, life seems to plod along. Then it's Friday and you wonder how the week passed so quickly, or how last month passed so quickly.  The season waxes and wanes and the days grow short.  It's that weekend to change the clocks, then it's dark when the workaday merry-go-round goes silent and still.

Your birthday passes, then hers, and his, and theirs too and then it's time to get up early on the weekends, teach a class, hug everyone in sight, try to stay well and to remember your lines.  It's Dickens Fair season with a vengeance.  Popups, and sleepovers, and cues, schedules and pocket watches.  Why don't my pants fit any more?  I suppose I really do have to re-sole these shoes.

Five weekends will blow passed in an instant, as viewed from the final evening anyway.  Enjoy every minute is the mantra.  It will be nearly January of my 54th year before I see my house in sunlight again.

Life, and months fly by on wings of memories.  Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think.