Sunday, June 26, 2005

Miracle Work

That's right, the Miracle Worker set is actually beginning to substantially resemble the drawing after yesterday's work session. Cue to cue is today and it promises to be a grand time full of fun and good cheer.

My good friends Troy and Kate visited us for dinner last night after a longish day of set building. After fininshing dinner and several mint juleps, we watched Galaxy Quest, wherein Tony Shaloob delivers the line, "Just an FYI, they tell me the ship's engines are close to exploding". We laughed a whole bunch and Troy took a wee nap during the movie.

At the end of the evening when Troy had mustered just enough courage to ask Sharon if she could pretty please tell him if she could POSSIBLY have enough time to sew a specifically sized and colored apron for the show, Sharon positively stunned Troy and Kate by producing exactly the garment, premade as if for the purpose, in a flash from a closet.

Here at the casa we pride ourselves on taking very good care of our guests.


Anonymous said...

Chez Collier may actually be the coolest place ever. Except Disneyland.

Anonymous said...

And that apron, it really did APPEAR as if she read my mind and went back in time to set it up and be able to hand it to me later. That was wild. And the rest of the evening was awesome too -- even the wee nap was great!

Unknown said...

Let's not get too excited now. Remember I fed you leftover chicken after all.