Monday, April 17, 2006


I went to visit the ducks today on a little walkabout. It must be Spring. I saw two mama ducks with little ones. The first had 12 swimming alongside and behind her. The second was perched just onshore with 5 little ducklings all nestled together for warmth against the April chill. They got up when I walked by on the path and one wee duckling leapt into the water, then scrambled out as I was walking away. The little ones had wings about 2 inches long. (note to self, bring camera to work!)

They* say that Spring is the time of renewal and rebirth, awakening, fresh starts and so forth. It seems so here in the nearby ponds. It feels like it in a lot of other ways for me too. I hope you too (gentle reader) are finding your own new beginnings as the days get longer.

* Whoever THEY are.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob, I'm working on it

Anonymous said...

I actually have a bit of a sunburn. I had to go to So Cal to get it, but it feels nice.

Anonymous said...

ducks ducks ducks ducks :)