Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fairly tired

Wow. Faire was pretty fun. Tiring but fun. I saw loads of people I knew and met boatloads more;
more names than I can remember, not surprising since I can hardly remember my name.

Our friends Danielle and Kurt had a handfasting ceremony today which was really sweet. There was a whole section of ladies there that were crying. Yes, a handfasting is like a country wedding without the legal meaning, and is infused with symbolism. I am led to believe that the ceremony was traditionally performed when no official was on hand to make a recognized marriage. Suffice to say they pledged their love and devotion to each other before a whole crowd of friends, and asked their friends to support them in their life together.

Aparrently standing onstage in the full sun in a head to toe black woolen costume with black hat and black gloves makes you REALLY HOT. I needed to drink lots of water and sit down in the shade after all that.

Once I get my bluetooth act in gear I'll post some pictures.

Tomorrow I get out the resume polish and see if I can make something of use out of all the nifty things I did at GMI.

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