Monday, January 29, 2007

Goodbye Daisy

Our little Daisy left us today. She had a ruptured disk, which sounds like you might be able to fix it, but the cost and amount of discomfort that Daisy would be in for months recovering from surgery, and the big possibility that the surgery would not be successful led us to the very difficult decision to put her to sleep. We were both there to comfort her.

I'm pretty broke up. She was a sweet and loving pet, and even though she barked a bit she always greeted our guests with glee. It won't quite be the same here without her.

Goodbye little Daisy. We miss you.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about Daisy. Her antics always made me smile... =)

Anonymous said...

Oh Bob! I'm so sad for you. I know how much you all loved Daisy, and that's a horrible decision to have to make, but it would have been terrible for her to suffer. My heart is with you. Lisa &:-) (I'm smiling for all times I smiled at her.)

Anonymous said...

Oh Bob. I'm so sorry! Hugs and (.)(.)