Thursday, February 15, 2007

What happened to my week?

WTF?! How did it get to be Thursday again and I haven't posted a damn thing. Sorry about that. I'm sure, in time and with professional guidance, you'll recover. Here is the news:
  • Kids bathroom is done and it looks fabulous. I even made custom towel racks. I have one piece of trim to replace due to water damage. If this project is anything like all the others I've ever done, that'll take four months.
  • Painted Mother-in-law's bathroom, on Valentine's day. Such is love.
  • No job. I seem to complain about this and procrastinate much more than I actually work on it. Task for next week, turn that seriously around.
  • Had elective surgery service done on three vehicles this week for a grand total of about $1600. One was almost emergency surgery. The Suburban had been doing the squeaky brake thing for MONTHS while I ignored it. Then the squeak went away and was replaced with a terrifying grinding sort of noise, like a 747 sliding to a stop on sharp gravel. Must find job.
  • Had beers with Julian. Seems like it's been years since we just talked. It was good.
So for next week:
  • More posts
  • More job hunting instead of procrastinating
  • Love and kindness as necessary
  • No fricken car repairs or painting

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