Wednesday, April 11, 2007

buzz buzz

There are lots of plants coming back to life in the front yard. For a while there it seemed as if the place had suffered a fatal blow as if Krusty the Clown belched all over it or something else awful had happened. Everything is at least a foot tall again. We only lost about five plants in the hard freeze. To counterattack, Sharon got some hardy banana plants that should survive down to 20F. We also got some nifty planters to put the two hibiscus into. That way we can move them under cover when old man winter returns.

We made it out to the SF Zoo on Sunday to help Pete celebrate getting slightly older. Fun was had by all, even Danny who insisted that he wasn't going to enjoy it. Here is a pic of the meerkats, the cutest animals we saw.

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Anonymous said...

They are very cute. Steal one for me? :-)