Monday, May 07, 2007

This is a knitting blog

Unlike some people knit who with yarn, I use old redwood which stands up to the weather better than kidsmack but it's pretty darn scratchy.

I specialize in making a mess.

Each little board takes two nails and gets you two little inches of fence.

I would try explaining all of these pictures but suffice to say that I'm not done yet. The hard part is that I am using all the existing grape stakes that make up the fence itself (to save big bucks) which means that I have to take apart some fence to build some fence, and taking apart is almost as hard as putting together. All of this and every day I need to end with the yard actually enclosed since the yard contains my pool and I don't want anyone drowning.


Anonymous said...

That is some fancy knitting you've got going on there.

Unknown said...

You should see the size of the needles I'm using!

Wait, that sounds wrong.

Kate Schmidt said...

Do *not* deny the weather-resistant properties of kidsmack.