Friday, September 07, 2007

Wow, less than a week

So, we still have temporary doors in the front of the house. Note the subtle tasteful "1/4 Plywood" accents.

Must Do Something soon.

Work has had its ups and downs over the last six months. When I started, shipments tailed off really fast, we had lots of technical problems, and I was re-learning how to manage hourly staff members. Six months on, shipments are back up and increasing, technical problems are getting resolved, and my staff are less alienated than before. I think I'll stay on.

Speaking of the president (no, not him) the pres at work and the former pres at former work couldn't be more different. Yeah, both really smart and energetic, but he had a hyper-direct, totally candid style. Now, not so much. It has taken some getting used to.

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Anonymous said...

You could maybe paint the doors until the permanent ones go up? Why do you have temporary doors up right now anyway?

Glad you've decided to stay at your job. Income is good, though when you didn't have a job you posted more....