Saturday, November 10, 2007


So I've been neglecting all of you dear reader(s) and building a project.
Here's all the bits so far...
Steering, not just for race cars anymore...
The all important user interface...
The new and more elegant post lock...
Remember the FairMobile III? Well I got it in my head to build the Mark IV. Our friends the Blackburn's decided that they needed a FairMobile so I am taking the opportunity to build a replacement for us that will address all of the limitations of the Mark III. I want this one to last forever, therefore the over-engineering is palpable. To wit:
  • The cart has an XMAS'Y color scheme - red and green
  • The steering is like a bike, a forked post that is mounted on ball bearings
  • The handle is so cool, well you'll just have to believe me on this one
  • The wheels have bearings for smooth sailing
  • The rear axle is moved back to control the pesky wheelies that the old cart would do on inclines
  • The post lock operates with one easy to turn handle instead of two thumb screw things
I'm having a lot of fun with all the metal work, though I really could use a full metalworking tool upgrade. If you are wondering what to get me for XMAS, a full machine shop would be great.

I'll post a "final" picture in a few days.

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Anonymous said...

Just a full metal workshop? Are you sure that's all you want? ;-)