Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just when you thought I'd given up blogging

Yeah, it's been a while. Call Ghostbusters on me.

So last week I had a cold, for one day. On the day before and the eight days since, I've just been A Little Congested. At least that's the line I use to avoid having to stay at home sick in bed. I don't think I've infected anyone else since I've been a busy bee with hand washing and all that hygiene crap.

Being out sick is always weird. I invariably can't think straight so all my thoughts are curvy that day.

So Dickens Fair has been a blast. We have had more than our share of medical emergencies in our group - not being able to breathe and stuff like that, and a sword fighting injury(!) but everyone is well now. Ye Olde Naughty French Postcard Show is really very entertaining as well. Did I mention the copious quantity of naked breasts?

Went on a one day work trip to Burbank then by car to an industrial park 32 miles north. I picked up a Hollywood shot glass. It's garish. Sweet.

Come to the fair. It's great!


Anonymous said...

when did you go to burbank,and what do you want for christmas?

Unknown said...

I have no idea. Razor blades?