Monday, February 04, 2008

That worked pretty well

All I had to do was complain about the rain and it stopped.

OK - I've had it with MIMES.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't hard to find your blog.. I just googled (Suburban AND boobs AND "Redwood City").

Great chatting with you last night. We'll keep in touch. Might have some pictures of the Mid-Tenn Rennaissance Fair(e) that Ann went to with her parents. This guy has a castle home he's been constructing for a decade where the affair is hosted. Say "hay" to all the clan..


Unknown said...

I thought you were joking but I tried it an I'm NUMBER TWO with that search string!

Holy Rice-a-Roni!

Anonymous said...

I really screwed up.. Johnny Walker ain't even 'merican! So now I'm Jack Daniels and embarrassed. Jack DOES live about 80 miles S.E. of here.

Yep! I've been on political discussion boards and written some stuff and then found the exact page of that discussion while "googling" for some related political factoid.

That's how good these search engines are now.. So you can imagine how easy it would be to lose our freedom of speech if the government ever decided to "big brother" us..

BTW: I'm gonna check right now to see who #1 was. Maybe we should meet that guy...