Thursday, April 24, 2008


How did I forget to blog for so long. It must be the extensive brain damage from all that fun we had at Disneyland.

So we'll call this the my $0.18 post for the week...

Today I tried to apologize for having so much to say on everything (unlike here on the flaming scroll) and basically got told that if I didn't have a lot to say about something that it wouldn't be me. I suppose that's true. And I'm pretty sure that I'm never gonna be able to hold my tongue much anyway - especially when I'm always right anyway. Right?

So I'm taking renaissance dancing lessons - and yes that makes me a renfaire geekus maximus - so I can keep up with the joneses in court (the Queen's court - not judge court). Let me be the first to tell you in case you couldn't guess it on your own - I have never been able to dance to save my life very good at dancing or any kind most kinds of rhythmic movement, so this dancing stuff is mind bending-ly hard.

Sharon is a whiz at it, probably since she's been doing it for several years now and she isn't teh kluttsez like moi. So she makes it look so easy, until I try it and just barely avoid falling over.

So, I am getting the hang of it but there are lots of "dark areas" where I am relying on context to tell what to do next instead of actually *knowing* the dance. Then there are all of the steps most of which I do imprecisely (grr) and I always seem to be on the wrong foot. I'm getting better, but it sure is challenging.


Anonymous said...

Good think you have a dance lovely partner at home, huh?

Anonymous said...

Knowing the context will help you actually learn the dance. Good luck.