Sunday, June 29, 2008

If you write it, they will come

Is it still a blog if I go more than a week between posts? Less a web log and more a stale web site I suppose. I was busy is the excuse I'm going with this time.

So at work there are two fellows who report to me and they build the gear we sell. One of them is on vacation for two weeks, and one of them is on restricted duty cause he hurt his hand. And it was the end of the fiscal quarter and we were trying to make sure we had enough gear to meet the projected demand. Then a testing instrument (that I am responsible for maintaining) broke and we needed it to work again. So last week I put in a lot of hours.

And last Saturday was a big wedding and I needed to fish up the white silk vest I was making to wear with my morning coat. All that got done, button holes and buttons Saturday morning, and the wedding was lovely. You can see the vest in the picture.


Anonymous said...

Very handsome! Oh yeah--the vest looks good too. =)

Anonymous said...

If I bring my sewing machine over, will you show me how to use it?

Unknown said...

Yes, Grace. I will. When should I expect you?

Anonymous said...