Thursday, October 30, 2008


As I drove home, all peaceful and stuff looking forward to Halloween... I spied them on the corner... PROP 8 supporters - with signs waving - saying lies like:
Prop 8 = religious freedom
Prop 8 = free speech

I was so incensed that I took the dog on a walk to go and talk to the peppy liars.

One of them insisted that her husband who teaches at Carlmont high school was REQUIRED to teach that mommies and daddies were no longer required, that gay marriage sent a message that children don't need a mommy, and that her husband NEEDED that job to support their five children.

The others calmly tried to get me to believe that somehow, civil unions were EQUAL to marriage, and that people being denied normal family rights was a thing of the past!

I am deeply afraid that will all the lies, all the money from outside the state, and with all the smokescreen about "saving marriage" by denying it to a class of "unworthy" people, that PROPOSITION 8 MAY PASS.

If the proposition 8 forces win, they will win by two means - convincing neutral voters that proposition 8 will ensure religious freedom and free speech (and other LIES), and through the failure to vote on the part of people who are only weakly committed to the defeat of prop 8.

Polls are showing that Obama and Biden are likely to win California by 22 percentage points 55-33. If this handsome lead causes lots of voters with common cause to fail to vote, WE COULD LOSE.

So FOCUS people - find the people in the middle, the ones that can go either way on prop 8, and make sure they understand the lies they are being fed are FALSE. Proposition 8 says NOTHING about free speech, and NOTHING about religious freedom.

The free speech religious freedom angle is that somehow, because the state recognizes that its adult citizens are not all heterosexual and the state fulfills its legal obligation not to discriminate against several hundred thousand of its citizens, that churches will (somehow) be prevented, by law, from opposing homosexuality or homosexual marriage. Bullshit. Since when are churches sanctioned for taking moral positions?

Find the people who are so confident that Obama will win that their vote "doesn't matter". Remind them that it indeed DOES matter and it is their civic duty to participate in the democratic process and VOTE. Remind them that proposition 8 could win or lose by ONE VOTE - THEIR VOTE. Ask them on election day whether they voted yet - if they haven't give them a helping hand.



Anonymous said...

Hear Hear! Well said, Bob.

Jesslyn said...

This must be one of the many reasons why we're friends.

Again, you rock.