Monday, September 07, 2009

Royal Flush

How did it get to be September already?  I mean really.  Sheesh.

We went on a lovely bike ride today.  Than we made plans on what the hell to do with our house next.  Or rather, we discussed what to do next.  We need to do something.  Unfinished projects loom.

The garage, however, is off of the death-watch list.  A full day of cleaning revealed a workbench that had been covered with crap for a year plus, and some re-organizing helped out with some voluminous crap that has been stored here by friends.  But that stuff still has to leave, soon.

Recently helping friends move has motivated us to get rid of things we have collected that we only marginally need or want crap.  For example, I have a twenty volume set of books called "The Book Of Knowledge, A Child's Encyclopedia" that was complied in 1922.  My set is from 1927.  I have not read these 20 volumes except to open it and skim them.  It is about the quality level of Wikipedia, only from a 1922 American viewpoint.  I got the books from my grandfather's effects as he was moving out of his home about 20 years ago.  Do not want.

I'm thinking Craigslist. About 100 listings ought to do it.


Nicole said...

Hello! I met you when Liz had the sewing class at your home. I think I made my way over to this site a long time ago from Kate's snakesurly blog. At any rate, I'm "de-lurking."

Can you please give me the opportunity to take the children's books? My grandmother had a set I enjoyed very much as a child, and a few years ago she gave them away. When I found out, I felt as though someone had died. I still think about it with a heavy heart. I think the set she had was "newer," but I'm not going to let this opportunity to see these books again pass me by.

Unknown said...

Thanks for de-lurking! Get my contact info from Kate and give me a shout. I'm sure we can find a new home for the set.

Pamela said...

I'm so glad you found a home for the encyclopedia's because I was going to warn you to not drop them off at the library (at least in daylight where they might catch you). They can't use out of date encyclopedias and people are always wanting to donate them.