Saturday, January 30, 2010

So much to say

More blather news!  So I mentioned good news at work, but at the time I couldn't elaborate since it was uh-fishall.  Well now it is, gentle readers, and if I may bend your ears twice in less than 24 hours I'll let you in on it.

For a long time at The Company, we've had a fellow in charge of field service - sending people out to fix something that broke or to do something more complicated than can be handled by a bio-molecular scientist with a PhD.  Well, he's gotten too busy to do that and we at The Company also want to apply a lot more rigor to the Quality Management dimension of the field service function.  That's where I come in.

So starting Monday, Field Service responsibilities become my responsibility.  Two more people will be reporting to me and I'll have the charge to implement an effective integrated service management system.

In other words, I just got an upgrade. And I get an iPhone.  OTOH, I think I'm gonna be pretty busy.


Nisey said...

Congratulations, Bob!

MacDude said...

Woo hoo! an iPhone for Bob!!!

Oh and more fun at work, that's good too. ;)

Fezziwig said...

Working at a place where PhD is a more common title than Mr. for the last 22 years, I feel qualified to say that ANYTHING technical is "more complicated than can be handled by a bio-molecular scientist with a PhD."

I actually had a Molecular-Biologist PhD assigned to me as an intern to learn some database skills.