Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh yeah, my blog!

I was abducted by aliens and they told me that they couldn't allow me to use the internet because their router password was too long for my laptop to handle.  Sorry you had to wait.

So we had the long weekend there and while my friends to the east simply dug out of the snow, we here at Casa de Collier got down and dirty with our funky funky garage.  Sexy, eh?  We got all Medieval on it and stuff.

Number one -- Clear out a bunch of stuff from the "up top" which is really just a gigantic 6 foot by 20 foot shelf.  Science knows why we had all that crap.  Now, less crap.

Number two -- One 4X8 foot piece of pegboard.  Want it?

Number C -- Cabinet that had got wet in the flood, and was now moldy.  In its defence (Yeah, that's the UK spelling.  You gotta problem with that?) it was kinda old and made of particleboard.  We never really liked it.  I sawed it into bits and we took all the mops, brooms, vacuums, and plant food items and set them aside while I constructed...

THE FLAMING STEP OF THE CALIGARI!  Actually just a wee platform that is, if I take Amy's word for it, "pretty awesome".  Here is a fantastic COLOR picture.

Several times, I just went out there to look at it.  Seriously.

Just your basic 2X4 framing shimmed up level at each of ten joints (with different thicknesses to match the floor), glued in place with fancy schmancy construction adhesive, topped with 1-1/4 plywood (awesomely heavy in a 4X8 sheet), graced with premium 99 cent peel-n-stick tiles and finished off with aluminum stair nosing and painted trim boards.  I even painted the base frame.  This step will outlive me.  This makes me happy.

But wait, there's MOAR!

The (friggin) fluorescent lights in the garage USED TO buzz and flicker like a broken overhead warning sign in a post-apocalyptic movie scene.  No longer.  With the advent of $20 fixtures to replace the crappy four year old $14 fixtures, instant, bright, silent light, holy light bathes our laundry equipment and assortment of stuff.  These new fixtures actually have a very nice efficient electronic ballast.  It's almost like being the ruler of Narnia just stepping out there.

Oh yeah, I'm as busy as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest at work.

That is all.


Nisey said...

I love the step! And the full color pho-to!

Sharon said...

I, for one, am SO glad that the noisy flickering lights are gone, as I was the one who had to work out there with the noise and fitful light. You try finding the spots to spray stain remover while the lights flicker and dim.

MacDude said...

That is a epic picture!

I'm thinking of firebombing our garage.... Or maybe a giant vat of acid to reduce everything to semi-sentient sludge. Then I can release it to seep out to take over someone else's world.

Anonymous said...

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