Friday, May 14, 2010

So then two weeks went by...


There was the Cain's Crossing Renaissance faire in there:
Wake up in the dark
Get going not too long after that
Eat breakfast after two hours on the road
Get to site after picking up a friend
Get dressed
Do you folks have furniture for THE QUEEN????
What do you mean, a backless chair and ONE plastic 4 foot long table??
Do Faire All Day Long
Where's the FOOD????
Dance on the bumpiest mushiest turf ever
Repeat faire, with added rain mid afternoon, this time with adequate food & inadequate furniture
Pack up
Drive home

And I went to work about ten times, where I'm really busy, but the work is going well...
The company is growing well ($, not people)
The gear is going together better - more goes right than wrong
Service department (my other department) is undergoing transformational change - exciting!

Oh yeah, next Saturday we'll be the parents of a college graduate.  Way Cool!

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