Sunday, August 08, 2010

Cleanup on aisle nine!

If you have a big yard, you have the opportunity to crud it up with a lot of items a crapload of crap.  That's what I did.  So yesterday, #1 son and I put on some gloves and pulled it all into a pile in the driveway for easy disposal later this week, perhaps by some sweaty men with a big truck.
I took a tape measure to it and it's seven cubic yards.  There's even some broken glass due to the fact that in the middle of that big stack in the middle of the picture, there are two derelict original windows from the house.  Late in the stacking, there was a loud "click" and the load all shifted down a bit.  Hmmm.

So on today's home improvement list, there is the wiring up of the power connection to the fountain on the porch.  Hopefully it'll go quickly.

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