Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hi Mom!

I called my mom today for the first time in a long time, way more than a year.  Though she's not geriatric, she lives in an assisted living setting because she had a major stroke several years back.  I'm happy to report that she's doing well, and that she was delighted to hear from her long lost son.  We shared the news that each other had missed out on, and she was (naturally) astounded at how the kids had grown up.

She tells me she's reading now; it wasn't possible for quite a while after the stroke, and that she gets in lots of time for her art and for spiritual reading.

We reminded each other that we loved each other.  It was great just to talk to her again.

And yes Pam, I am a punctuation perfectionist.  :-)

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Amy Liebert said...

I've read this several times now Bob without commenting- what could I add to such a wonderful story?

I'm glad your mom is doing well. She must be mighty proud of her boy.