Sunday, April 24, 2011

Remember me? I used to blog here.

Hello kids,
Let me share the latest news from Tahoe:
The amount of snow we've had this year is, we are assured by the locals, way more than usual.  This has made a huge pile of snow that we've had to dig through several times.  SO MUCH FUN!  Since we've gone up there every weekend for a month, we've dug in the snow for at least a couple of hours each time.  Last week, Sharon dug a huge pile away from the windows (both of them) so we could have light in the house.

And now the latest from inside the house - the ugly fireplace is NO MORE.  Looky here!

After all of that fun, there was electrical stuff to be installed above the fireplace and inside on the right there (done), and a whole lot of plumbing work to be finished up in the kitchen.  When that was all getting done, our (awesome) friend Andrew labored away on finishing up some upstairs demolition, and installing some itchy insulation.  YAY ANDREW!

The snow (yes, even more snow on April 22) started falling when the kitchen plumbing was getting done and we had to get all finished up and get on with the driving home.  Each time the drive seems a little shorter and more zen-like.  Even so, it's still kind of a long way.

Next week, sheetrock and some gas plumbing (this time, done by other$).  Shortly after that, we'll be getting a brand new, and stunning, gas fireplace.

Summer rentals, here we come!

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Laura said...

Yay! :D Looks good to me. And yeah, I heard that they're expecting at least one ski place to be open until July 4th. I suspect Valhalla will be extra-chilly this year.