Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I didn't say *which* tomorrow

Sad House
Well folks, you waited long enough and now since the snow is all gone and things have settled a little, it's time to draw back the curtains and share some pictures of what the neighbors at Tahoe used to call, "The Sad House".  As you can see in the stunning picture above, the shingles were still attached.  Nobody likes those shingles, because they make the house sad.
OMFG Look at the PAINT!
 The sadness continues around the side of the house.  As you can see, the largest snows in the last 20 years were unable to remove the very sad paint completely.  It's simply a bit worse than it was when we bought it.
Yes, that really is bark as "shingles."
I like to call this, "The Guest House."  Sharon (and all the neighbors) think that we should reduce it to shredded plywood and put it in a dumpster.  I'm coming around to their way of looking at it.
Not cannibals, not in the least
Did I mention that Sharon and her mom have been in love with the mountains for MANY DECADES?  Well they have and here's a shot to prove their love for all that rock and sky and snow and lakes and stuff.  PS if you aren't from here, that is the "little" lake called Donner Lake in the background, or Desperate Cannibal Lake if you like.
This is the smile that makes the Earth turn.
Here is my sweetie and her sweet smile showing off the Tahoe Park Association beach.  Note that the lake is REALLY FULL due to all that snow I mentioned earlier so there is hardly any beach at all.
Hell, re-imagined.
Relaxing by the beach is hellish, as I am sure you can see for yourself in the above picture.
I know, it's beautiful
To escape from the hellish beach, we Sharon got the front room all decorated and stuff.  Note the AWESOME fireplace that allows you to have an actual fire just by turning up the thermostat.  Over the fireplace where the Collier sign is in this shot, we're gonna put in a flat screen tee vee.
Please, do not try to leap into your screen.
Remember when I went up to the cabin for a week and I didn't blog about it?  I was building this kitchen.  Also, that solid wood table seats ten and we got it at a church parking lot sale, half price for $37.50.  We are awesome shoppers.  Actually, Sharon is the shopper.  I was going to drive right past the place.  Like an idiot.
Comfy, and you can look at the stars too.
Did I mention that Sharon has decorated the whole interior?  Here is what is known as "The Green Room".
Take that, Sad House.
Remember the shingles, and how sad they made everyone.  Oh and that *darling* entry way which doubled as AN OVEN TOO HOT FOR THE DEVIL HIMSELF in the summer.  We got out the tools of destruction and made some small revisions.
Seriously, neighbors were ecstatic.
At the end of last Saturday we'd stripped all of the sad shingles off, and removed four million staples.  The covering over the doorway was pretty shaky still so...
Clean shaven house seeks architect for hot building action
We ripped it off of there in pieces, and tore off all of the shingles on the garage for good measure.  And to get the shingles off, we used a snow shovel.  Because that's just how awesome we are.


Laurie said...

Wait, wait wait where are you in Tahoe? Jeremy's parents live near Donner Lake in Truckee. We should get up there and visit with Corwin before the snow takes over.

That kitchen is quite lovely!

Laura said...

Looks totally awesome. :D Lets hope new paint makes it less sad.

Unknown said...

Laurie, we're two miles south of the Y at Tahoe City on the west shore. Let's plan a visit!

Little Miss Drama Pants said...

That is my kind of hell re-imagined. The beach and water, anyway.

Can't wait to see what else you do with the no longer sad house!

Laurie said...

Yes a visit a visit!!! :) That sounds like fun. I'll talk to Jer about it tonight.

Fezziwig said...

very nice. Where's the hot tub?

MacDude said...

clap, clap, clap, clap!

Well worth the wait!

Mind you, I can't show my wife all this because she will realize how horrible of a husband I am!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, Bob...just AMAZING!!

Woman of Wine said...

I love that you say such sweet things about Sharon! It's good to see a man still totally in love with his wife of many years.

Carl said...

So well done and all that. Now I guess I'll have to do something like gift you with a bottle of gin.