Friday, June 03, 2005

Time to say something

Well, now that I have had a mint julep made with genuine Makers Mark whiskey, I am ready to tell you about the latest and greatest here at the casa. So first let's start with that "star wars thing". I saw the "third" movie, twice. The first time I really wanted to see it. Te second time I took the boys to see it at the Metreon in SF. We HAD to go there because they use a DLP projector that doesn't use film, it plays a digital file from a hard drive. It was good, but not so much better to my eyes that I would routinely travel to SF ($10 for gas, $9 for parking, add two hours to the outing time) to see movies.

Importantly, I didn't care much about the movie. I haven't thought about the movie or the characters or the story since I saw it. The second time through, I was waiting for it to end. Ho hum. I will allow that it was good to see Yoda kick some butt.

Our little puppy is getting a bit bigger and "barkier". It's cute. She also runs like greased lightning really fast. She and the bigger doggie play together all the time. Sweet.

Travel for work has ended, for now at least. This will allow me time to be Mr. Anagnos in The Miracle Worker, a really small part but larger than two previous roles combined. I like the opportunity but I don't really know how I'll learn the lines. I have atheist faith that I'll figure it out. Byt he end I'm sure it will seem like it was easy.

Work has been full of change lately. Several long term employees were released and this has precipitated lots of new situations. Everyone is busy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you'll learn your lines. You WILL learn your lines. (Insert Jedi Mind Trick here.)