Monday, September 05, 2005

Retail Therapy

Had a great morning goofing off and having cookies and milk for breakfast. Then we decided that it was time to upgrade the fuzz out of the computing system here. Now we're staring at a very sharp and bright Samsung 930b flat panel instead of a fuzzy crt. We (actually Sharon bless her heart) also decided that since the scanner wasn't alive anymore we needed a new one. But a scanner/photo printer was not that much more $ and the old workhorse printer wasn't really that good anymore anyway so we replaced both with one unit. (HP PSC 1600) Looks like that will work just dandy. I need to print some photos to get the hang of it.

Got a lot done on the new site layout yesterday. I'm struggling with how the table is rendered in Firefox. I can't seem to get the lines between the cells to go away. Looks fine in IE. I may get crazy and add more graphics to the page, but I was looking for a really clean look. I could potentially take even more out but I did want a little color in the thing. I'm still not sure I'm going to keep the background graphic that makes the horizontal texture. The thig renders too dark and the effect is not subtle enough, plus I don't like all the blue in the page. It needs to warm up.

The new boobs page (just for you Grace) is done and I transferred the jokes and recipes to their new pages. It will probably be a few days until I pull the plug on the old one and put up the new. I will, of course, make an announcement.


Anonymous said...

look Bob! you're so popular you get spam! boobs, just for me. I expect great fanfare and large boobs when you make the announcement!:)

Anonymous said...

So, where's this new site, you big tease?

Unknown said...

Been too busy with other internets tomfoolery to get to the site. Maybe this weekend when the house is empty and I can FOCUS.